Born Eric Green Zinman 1963, began the study of piano and voice as a child. Interest in classic music, Broadway, Rock’n Roll and R&B. As a teenager he discovered black music and modified his approach in jazz, blues, gospel, and the music of the strip clubs. Later composition studies with Bill Dixon, George Russell and Jimmy Guiffre. Beginning in 1987 he produced a number of ensembles with Laurence Cook, Craig Schildhauer, John Voigt, Syd Smart and Glynis Lomon. In the mid 2000s he began to tour Europe with Mario Rechtern and later Linda Sharrock. Played with post rock greats drummer Weasel Walter and noise guitarist Sheik Anorak. His activity has been heard in theater, dance, film and poetry. As he is fond of saying “Music is two souls rubbing together”. He believes music is an essential part of the human story. Since 2000 he has recorded 18 albums and has been reviewed in 9 languages. Eric Zinman is listed in the 19th Edition of the Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings.





November 5 2014

19 Rue Paul Fort

75014 Paris, France


3 pianists Record release concert

Françoise Toullec

François Tusque

Eric Zinman


June 2014


Forum Stadtpark

Art Gallery

Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz, Austria


Onno Govaert drums

Markus Krispell alto saxophone

Mario Rechtern reeds/saxoline/sfx

Jaspar Stadhouders guitar

Eric Zinman electric piano



Praterstern 5
A-1020 wien


Onno Govaert drums

Markus Krispell alto saxophone

Mario Rechtern reeds/saxoline/sfx

Jaspar Stadhouders guitar

Eric Zinman electric piano


25 May 2014

Autonoom Centrum

Den Haag/ Netherlands


Eric Zinman electric keyboard

Linda Sharrock voice

Mario Rechtern saxophones

Julius Linde bass

Onno Govaert drums


20 Mai 2014


9 Rue de Baigneur



Itaru Oki trumpet, flugelhorn

Mario Rechtern saxophones, flute, saxolin

Linda Sharrock voice

Yoram Rossillio bass

Makoto Sato drums

Eric Zinman piano







17 Mai 2013


3, rue Raymond Fassin

92240 Malakoff

Paris, France


Itaru Oki trumpet, flugelhorn

Mario Rechtern saxophones, flute, saxolin

Linda Sharrock voice

Makoto Sato drums

Eric Zinman piano


8 May 2013

VEKKS Vienna Austria


Hannes Krebs drums

Linda Sharrock voice

Kilian Schrader electric bass, sfx

Mario Rechtern Saxophones, saxoline, flute

Eric Zinman piano


2 August 2012


186 Hampshire St.

Cambridge, MA USA


Aldo Tambellini Black Films/ Video/Poetry

Music Eric Zinman

Reading Lo Galluccio


European tour 2012



26 March

Zaal 100

De Wittenstraat 100

1052 BA Amsterdam, Netherlands


Eric Zinman   piano

John Dikeman saxophonist

Ono Govaert drums

Wilbert de Joode  bass.


3 Avril 20:00

Espace Z’avant garde

137 rue de Sèvres

Paris, France



Eric Zinman solo piano/percussion

François Tusques  solo piano


NYC 2011


University of the Streets

New Language Collaborative with Ras Moshe

Eric Zinman piano

Syd Smart drums

Glynis Lomon cello

Ras Moshe Tenor Saxophone



August 12

Weasel Walter drums/Lisle Ellis bass/Eric Zinman piano


Boston 2011


June 12 Fred’s Piano Service Dedham

François Tusques piano

Eric Zinman piano/percussion


June 14

Isabella Juanpera voice/ François Tusques piano/ Eric Zinman Electric Piano/percussion


European Tour 2011



Paris, France

17 Avril 20:00

Espace Z’avant garde

137 rue de Sèvres


Camille Escudero dance

Mario Rechtern reeds

Yoram Rosillio bass

Sato Makoto drums


Vienna Austria

12 April 20:00


Hamburgerstrasse 18 Wien 1150



Johannes Krebbs drums

Mario Rechtern reeds

Killian Schrader electric bass

Eric Zinman piano


Theater im Bahnhof

Elisabethinergasse 27A

 VNM festival Graz, Austria

7 April   21:00


Sheik Anorak guitar

Mario Rechtern reeds and saxstrings

Weasel Walter drums

Eric Zinman piano


Amsterdam, Netherlands

27 March 21:00

Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10


Eric Zinman piano

John Dikeman saxophone

Wilbert de Joode bass

Michael Vatcher drums


European Tour 2010


March 19 Gallex 

Paris, France


Eric Zinman piano

Yarom Rosillio bass

Makoto Sato drums



14.(16h)and 16.march (19h) 2010:reformARTunit plays the GOLEM Story live at the

 ALTE SCHMIEDE Schönlaterngasse 9 1010 WIEN


johannes GROYSBECK groysophon,el.bass guitar

hans HEISZ drums

sepp MITTERBAUER trumpet

fritz NOVOTNY reeds

eric ZINMAN piano,bass fluegelhorn.


March 9 Celeste Bar/Hamburgerstr.18/1050 Vienna


Mario Rechtern-reeds,

Hannes Krebs-drums,

Kilian Schrader-electric bass

Eric Zinman piano



Benjamin Duboc contrabasse (F)

Didier Lasserre drums(F)

Mario Rechtern saxophones(A)

Eric Zinman piano and Euphonium (US)


March 6 2010

ARTACTS 2010 festival for Jazz and Improvised music

Alt Gerberei/St. Johann/Tyrol, Austria


March 5, 2010


 Calle de Echegaray 13, Jaca. - 974 36 01 94 ESPAGNE.


March 4, 2010

Centro Cultural Matadero

 Avda. Martinez de Velasco, 6, Huesca


February 25 @theOUTPOST in Cambridge, MA



Glynis Lomon cello

Syd Smart drums

Eric Zinman piano


2009 TOUR with Pirates South East: Mario Rechtern, Federico Ughi, Renato Ciunfrini, and Christiano de Fabritiis


Scuola Popolare Di Musica IVAN ILLICH April 25, 2009

Via Giuriolo, 7  40129  Bologna, Italy


Fluc Neubaugasse 52/37 April 23, 2009

A-1070 Vienna, Austria


V:NM Festival Graz,Austria April 16, 2009

14.April, 2009 Celeste Bar/Hamburgerstr.18/1050 Wien

Mario Rechtern-reeds, Hannes Krebs-drums, Kilian Schrader-electric bass, Eric Zinman piano


Brecht Forum NYC  February 17th  2008  

Eric Zinman piano/Laurence Cook drums/John Voigt bass

L’Atelier Tampon 14 Rue Jules Valles 75012 Paris, FRANCE with percussionist Didier Lasserre and bassist Benjamin Duboc Sep.16, 2007

                                                                        With percussionist Makot Sato and Clarinetist Michael Marcus October 11, 2007

Satchmos [Reinhardstrasse 25-27]

Boston-Berlin Ensemble Mittwoch 3 Oktober 20.30 uhr

Matthias Muller trombone/ Eric Zinman piano/ Berit Jung bass/ Christian Marien drums



Alten Schmiede  with the Reform Art Unit Schonlaterngass 9 1010 Vienna, Austria September 22 Saturday @ 4pm  2007

 The Reform Art Unit (septet and diverse)

Seven for Art

 Walter Mali    soprano saxophone and drums                 

 Eric Zinman  piano

 Mario Recthern reeds

 Karl Wilhelm Krbavac viola da gamba and piano

 Karl Vossner oboe damiara

 Monika Staedler harp

Fritz Novotny  soprano saxophone (leader and director)


Alt Stralou 68, 10245 Berlin, -S- Treptowerpark/Ostkreuz  Germany September 30, Sunday 9pm

Das Quartet

Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky  tenor saxophone/ Eric Zinman piano/ Jan Roder bass/ Michael Griener drums


Espace Culturel de L'Universite d'Angers Angers, France with percussionist Didier Lasserre and bassist Benjamin Duboc October 13, 2006

Stralau 68 Berlin, Germany with percussionist Thomas Rehnert, bassist Jan Roder, and Saxophonist Ernst Ludwig Petrowski October 10, 2006

Cafe Olympic Rue Leon, Paris, France with percussionist Didier Lasserre and bassist Benjamin Duboc September 27, 2006

Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleborough, Vermont with percussionist Laurence Cook and bassist John Voigt 4/15/2005 sponsored by Green River Data Analysis

Deep Listening Space in Kingston, New York with percussionist Laurence Cook and bassist John Voigt 4/14/2005

Performed and cowrote concept and music with Ian Mackinnon of the Artezani Theatre at the Zeitgeist Gallery in The Apotheosis of George W. Bush 6/27/2004

Artists At Large Gallery in Hyde Park, Boston 4/9/2004 with Raqib Hassan and the Interdimensional Science Research Orchestra

Performed with Ian Mackinnon of the Artezani Theatre at the Zeitgeist Gallery in The Bush/Cheney Christmas 12/23/2003

Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston with Bassist John Voigt and Percussionist Laurence Cook 10/7/02 as part of the Autumn Uprising Festival 2002

C.O.M.A. (Citizens Ontological Musical Agenda) at ABC NO-RIO in NYC 10/02

Williamsburg Art Nexus in Brooklyn, NYC 4/27/02 at the Sound and Form Festival with multi-reedist Blaise Siwula and Percussionist Matt Weston.

composed music for a nine piece orchestra in collaboration with THE ARTEZANI THEATRE in the production of Dionysus in Cambridge at the Zeitgeist Gallery 4/6/02 and at the Boston Dance CO. 5/30/02


Jimmaize Art Club - Cambridge, MA 2002

Music of The Momment- Birmingham, Alabhama, 2002 produced by Ladonna Smith

The Tremont Theatre- Boston, MA produced by the International society 2002

Studio 234 - Founder and Director, taught workshops with bassist/composer John Voigt - produced performances beginning 2000


Knitting Factory - New York City, performed with tenor saxophonist Sabir Mateen and percussionist Mike Lopez 98,99

Boston Dance Company - performed with Dancer Adrienne Hawkins

Autumn Uprising Festival 1997 (organized and produced by David Gross)- The performance was recorded on the Tautology Label and bought and released by Cadence records

Bennington College - 1995 , 1996

Zeitgeist Gallery - Organized and produced the Cambridge Piano Festival 1995

Zeitgeist Gallery - Organized and Directed a music performance series under the name of Playground in September of 9/95, Cambridge, MA. Also Created the Composer Ensemble with Musician Raphe Malik

Zachary_s at the Collonnade Hotel - Boston, MA 1992

Cambridge Adult Education - Cambridge, MA

Worcester Artists Group (WAG) - Performed at the space in 1991

Raphe Malik Quartet - Performed with the Quartet in 1989

 New England Conservatory, Jordan Hall - Cecil Taylor Student Ensemble, performed Burning Poles 1989

Jamaica Plain Multicultural Arts Center - Jamaica Plain, MA

- Benefit for Friends of the Amazon

- arrangement of Legba Crossing by Cecil Taylor for a 12-piece orchestra 1989




                                                  EDUCATIONAL RESUME for Eric Zinman


Masters Degree in Music - New England Conservatory of Music

piano studies - Ran Blake

Lydian Chromatic Concept - Goerge Russell

composition - Jimmy Giuffre


Bachelor of Arts - Bennington College

Black Music Major - Music Major with a concentration in Black Music Aesthetics

Studies in Composition and Performance - Bill Dixon

Piano Studies - Nadi Qamar ( Spaulding Givens), Lionel Nowak



Experience with small and large ensembles both as Composer and Performer

Dance Accompanist for Harvard Dance Program - Claire Mallardi, Director

Private piano instructor

Radio at WBRS-FM in Waltham - 20th Century Music Show