François Tusques/Françoise Toullec/Eric Zinman



Burton Greene/Laurence Cook


Lo Galluccio/Jane Wang/Eric Zinman


Eric Zinman/Didier Lasserre/Benjamin Duboc

Blaise Siwula/Glynis Lomon/Eric Zinman


Eric Zinman/John Voigt/Laurence Cook



Eric Zinman/Craig Schildhauer/Laurence Cook








improvising beings

Linda Sharrock/Mario Rechtern/Itaru Oki/Eric Zinman/Makoto Sato

9 copies remaining

Mario Rechtern/Eric Zinman


They Begin to Speak
The Linda Sharrock Network


Zither Gods
Eric Zinman


nottwo records

Eric Zinman/Killian Schrader/Mario Rechtern/Johannes Krebbs

4 copies remaining


Mario Rechtern/Noah Rosen/Linda Sharrock/Eric Zinman


Eric Zinman/Jacob William/ Laurence Cook


Ted Daniel/Glynis Lomon/ Syd Smart/Eric Zinman




New Language Collaborative/Unified Fields/ Ayler Records, 2008 ayldl-082  (available as download only)

Wakte Oglaka /Ayler Records, 2009 aylDL-115 (available as download only)

Eric Zinman/Laurence Cook


Cadence Jazz Records

Eric Zinman/Mario Rechtern/Didier Lasserre/Benjamin Duboc

Eric Zinman/John Voigt/Laurence Cook

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A 39 Year Reunion Celebration

Reference studio234 011 November 5 2014


Laurence cook (drums),Burton greene (piano)

Recorded May 2008, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Titles: A 39 Year Reunion Celebration - Pussy Cat Says Meeow! - A Lamentation - Mark IV (1962-2005) - Insider Trading - Song For My Friend Burton - Desert Suite (Desert Wanderers/Eitan).

Remastered by Jim Hemingway.


Laisser L'Esprit Divaguer

Reference studio234 010 November 5 2014


Françoise Toullec, François Tusques & Eric Zinman (pianos)

Recorded February 13,2007 for Radio France, Paris, France, and June 11, 2011 in Dedham, MA, USA.


CD1: Festin Préparé - Hommage A Marc Monnet - Blues A L'Improviste - Dialogue - Ffffffftttttt - Rappel.

CD2: Untitled (#1~#2~#3~#4~#5~#6~#7~#8).

Disc 1 recorded by Philippe Bredin, Frédéric Changenet, Benjamin Thuau, Dorothée Goll and Eloi Royer. Original session produced by Anne Montaron. Disc 2 recorded by Eric Zinman, remastered by Jim Hemignway.


Terrible Baubles

Reference studio234 009 November 5 2014


Lo Galluccio (voice, poetry and lyrics),Jane Wang(cello)&Eric Zinman(keyboard, voice, percussion)

Recorded and mastered by Peter Kontrimas PBS studios Westwood, MA.July 2012

Titles: Terrible Baubles-Grief as Frenzy-Centers of Gravity-Adam-5 AM Ritual- Three Dollar Poem- I Had a True Love- My Brother, Alaska- Birthday-Queen of Mars-Roses Luscious Tight-Grand Failed Experiement


The Eric Zinman Trio

Reference studio234 CDr 007 USA 2008

Eric Zinman(piano) Didier Lasserre(drums) & Benjamin Duboc(bass)

Recorded October,2007 , Paris, France


Ishmaelites - On Off Up...OUT - stray - "dans une position délimité par l'orage" - For the Poets Against the Killing Fields Cambridge, MA USA - For Bill Dixon - Kan wape ka snawi (moon of falling leaves) - Kiya

Mastered and recorded by Benjamin Duboc


The Eric Zinman Ensemble/

Live at Zeitgeist Gallery

Reference studio234 CDr 005 USA 2005

Eric Zinman (piano), John Voigt (bass), Laurence Cook (drums)

Recorded February 11 2005, Cambridge, MA, USA.

Titles: In the Mystery - Eventually - Small Beggar - Straight Up Straight Out - Little Jimmy K - Short Story - Elephant Paws

Remastered by Jim Hemingway.



Blaise Siwula (alto saxophone), Glynis Lomon (cello),& eric zinman (pianos), William Buchanan and Hugo Manuschevich (drums)

Recorded 2002 Cambridge, MA USA

Titles: There Were Frogs in the Fog - Forests - The Great Divide - Falcons - Rio Verde - Windswept Circus

Remastered by Jim Hemignway, Shutesbury MA USA





Eric Zinman (piano), Craig Schildhauer(bass), Laurence Cook (drums)

Recorded August 16 1996 by Marc Leibowitz at 40 Moody St., Newton, MA, USA

Titles: Lightning - Shopping - Stately - For Glen Spearman- On Demand- Marx Brothers- For Cecil Taylor

Remastered by Jim Hemingway.



Linda Sharrock (voice) Mario Rechtern (reeds) Itaru Oki (trumpet) Yorram Rossillio (bass) Makoto Sato (drums) Eric Zinman (pianos)

Recorded May 21st, 2014 at Studio Septième Ciel, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, and May 20th, 2014 at BabiIo, Paris, France.


CD1: No is No (studio) - Listen to an excerpt.

CD2: No is No (live)

Liner Notes by Mario Rechtern and Julien Palomo - Mixed and mastered by Julien Palomo - Produced by Aurélie Gerlach, Mario Rechtern, and Julien Palomo


The Mario Rectzern - Eric Zinman Zorn , Dedicated to Linda Sharrock

Reference ib07 July 4 2011


Mario Rechtern (reeds) Eric Zinman (pianos)

Recorded November 26, 2007 and May 7, 2008 at Studio 234 (Cambridge, MA, USA)

Titles: The guy of the village zorn - dancing on a wet mirage of - pink, blue and green; - a mirage of stone tears, dry - and deceived of hopes; - a pompe funèbre for the divorcée - where demons die on high and on a cloud - that is the resolution: KICICIC IYA.

Sound, mixing, by Eric Zinman and Mario Rechtern. Mastering by Jim Hemingway.

Liner Notes by Mario Rechtern and Eric Zinman

They Begin to Speak - The Linda Sharrock Network

Reference ib46 March 4 2016


linda sharrock (vocals) mario rechtern (reeds, saxolin) eric zinman (piano) + PARIS: itaru oki (trumpet, flugelhorn, flutes), makoto sato (drums), eric zinman (piano), claude parle (accordion), cyprien busolini (violin), yoram rosilio (bass) + SHEFFIELD: charlie collins (drums, percussion), derek saw (trumpet), john jasnoch (electric guitar)


Recorded at Studio Septième Ciel, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, May 20, 2015, and at The Lescar, Sheffield, UK, May 5, 2015.


CD1: They Begin To Speak - Studio (Part.1-3) - excerpt

CD2: They Begin To Speak - Live (Part.1-3) - excerpt

Photos by Julien Palomo and Beatrice Ward-Fernandez. Co-produced with Aurélie Gerlach and Mario Rechtern.

They Begin to Speak
The Linda Sharrock Network

Zither Gods

Reference ib58 May 2017


Eric Zinman (piano)

Recorded 2011-2015 on many pianos, in many places.

Titles: Zither Gods - Dance Sequence Spring 2012 - Winter Song - The Story Of L Part 1 - The Story Of L Part 2 - Tribal Piano - The Wheel Of Sharp Weapons - Outpost 2 - The Adventures Of The Yippy Coyote Dance Orchestra Part 1 - The Adventures Of The Yippy Coyote Dance Orchestra Part 2 - Wayeh...Owayah O Wayeh - The Harp In The Garden Of The Melting Clock - Zither Gods Coda.

Art by Linda Clave. - Liner notes by Eric Zinman.

Zither Gods
Eric Zinman


Johannes Krebbs (drums) Mario Rechtern (reeds) Killian Schrader (electric bass, sfx) Eric Zinman (piano)

Recorded 2007 at Celeste Vienna, Austria

Titles: untitled (1,2,3)

Mastering by Jim Hemingway.

Liner Notes by Mario Rechtern and Eric Zinman


RETREAT/New Language Collaborative with Ted Daniel

Reference JaZt TAPES CDr 039 Sweden 2013

Ted Daniel (trumpet, flugelhorn) Glynis Lomon (cello, voice, aquasonic) Syd Smart (drums, electronic percussion) Eric Zinman (electric keyboard)

Recorded at Nancy Ostrovsky's Studio, Accord NY, USA, July 2012

Titles: Stories we tell each other/Space and Time - Truth Still Marches On - Glissolalia

Recorded by Eric Zinman, Mastered by Jim Hemingway.



Eric Zinman (piano), Jacob William (bass), Laurence Cook (drums)

Recordedat Outpost 186 Cambridge, MA USA October 2011 and February 2012

Titles: Five Doors Surrounding a Sphere - Small Beggar - 1=3=1 ABA - Squirrels - Dissolutions to Bass - Vagabonds of Other Spaces - Dream Upon a Star - For Bill Dixon - For Cecil Taylor - Transmissions/Alternating Currents - Hi Ho Silver/ Get em up/ Move em on/ Long Knives a comin

Mastered by Jim Hemingway.



Mario Rechtern (reeds) Noah Rosen (piano) Linda Sharrock (voice) Eric Zinman (piano)

Recorded May 20 2013 at Zavantgarde Montparnasse, Paris, France

Titles: Acknowledgements (1≈2≈3≈4≈5≈6)

Recorded by Eric Zinman Mixed and Mastered by Mario Rechtern



Laurence Cook (drums, vibraphone and electric keyboards) Eric Zinman (electric keyboard)

Recorded in Pawtucket RI and Cambridge, MA USA between January and October 2009

Titles: Threat One - Threat Two - Siege - Dogs - The Greater the Green, the Greater the Ceremony - Limited Highway Access - Incident

Recorded by Eric Zinman. Mastered by Jim Hemingway.

Liner Notes by Eric Zinman

Eric Zinman/Laurence Cook




Eric Zinman (piano) Benjamin Duboc (bass) Didier Lasserre (drums) Mario Rechtern (flute, reeds)

Recorded April 28, 2009 Paris France

Titles: Rocks in the Sea 48:53

Recorded and Mastered by Benjamin Duboc

Liner Notes by Mario Rechtern and Eric Zinman



Eric Zinman (piano) John Voigt (bass) Laurence Cook (drums)

Recorded June 20, 2004 PBS studios Westwood MA USA

Titles: In the Mystery - Eventually - Small Beggar - Respective Duets - Short Story for Bill Dixon - Swing Swang Swung - Straight Up Straight Out - Channeling Paris 1870 - Little Jimmy K (the white hipster) - Elephant Paws - War and Peace

Recorded and Mastered by Peter Kontrimas

Liner Notes by Eric Zinman